Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Item 21

Little Lacy Black Dress. Brand new. Size S.

At very low price, only RM25

Item 20

Brand new white top. This top doesn't really suit me..

So, i let it go at only RM18 (inclusive of postage fee).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Item 19

Bronze colour new sling bag. In very good condition!
Grab it at only RM18

Item 18

Woven blue bag. Used few times only. In good condition.

Is your at only RM15 (inclusive postage)

Item 17

Brand new lovely heel from Vincci! Size 5 / Size 36

Is yours at only RM27 (inclusive postage)

Item 16

Got this bag from Vietnam. Small little bag suit for dinner... Brand new!
Grab it at only RM15

Item 15

Can't resist this little purple bag! Used few times, 100% in good condition. The flower is detachable.

Grab it at only RM25 (inclusive postage)

Item 14

Red handbag from CLARIN beauty product. Cute and in very good condition. Never used before.

Is yours at RM12

Item 13

Square little cutie bag. Used few times before. Still in very very good condition, like new bag.
Get it at RM15 only.

Item 12

Purple little bag, can be casual use or dinner use.. versatile little bag. Is brand new, never used before.
Is yours at RM25.

Item 11

I bought this pair of shoe from Primavera for my sis wedding and it's the last pair. So there's some minor defects at the heel (as shown). Still in good condition. Size 4 / Size 35.

Is yours at RM35 (inclusive of postage fee).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Item 10

Brand new sexy top.. Grab it ladies. Fits size S or size M.
Is yours at only RM25!.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Item 08

I bought this skirt with 2 different colour. This is beige colour and another one is brown (Item 07). I love this skirt so much that i wanted 2! Very sad that is too small to fit me :(
Never worn before, brand new in 100% good condition. Fits size XS or very petite size only.
So, is yours at RM30. (Bought this at RM59.90)

Item 07

Brown Bought this skirt from Nichii at RM59.90. The cutting for this skirt is very nice but too bad... too small for me :( So, is never worn before, brand new.

Strictly for size XS or very petite size only.

Is yours at RM30.

Item 06

Never worn this top before, is a brand new top. Only fits size XS and size S.

Get it at RM20 only.

Item 05

Sweet in baby blue! Worn few times only. Fit size XS and size S only.
Is yours at RM20.

Item 04

Worn few times only but still in very good condition. This skirt is suitable for casual or formal wear and it is in creme colour.
Grab it at RM25 only!

Item 03

Worn this skirt few times only and it is still in good condition. Only fits size XS or size S only.

Is yours at RM25

Item 02

Front view.
Side view.Never worn this dress before. In very good condition. I bought this dress without trying it on and i find it abit short for me. Fit size XS to size M only.

So, is yours at RM30 only.

Item 01

Bought this lovely dress online but unfortunately can't fit me well, quite loose at the top part. Never worn before. This fits size S to M only.
Is yours at RM30 (inclusive belt as shown).


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